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Festool TS 75 Track Saw Blades - For Any Material

Festool -


The tooth count, tooth shape and hook angle of each blade is designed to best match the material for safe and efficient cutting.

Festool offers a blade suited for every job:

  • Straight-edging solid wood slabs,
  • Perfectly crosscutting veneered plywood or melamine,
  • Cutting and jointing solid surface materials,
  • Trimming laminate flooring for an entire house,,
  • Cutting plastics, non-ferrous metals, and even steel doors and panels.

All Festool saws feature variable speed motors. Each blade has a suggested speed rating to further match the characteristics of the material, and is color coded to match the recommended tracksaw setting.

Festool blades use an over-sized arbor for more secure fastening of the blade to the saw, for a clean and precise edge. Premium Micro Fine Carbide Teeth and European quality manufacturing guarantee a product you can always rely on.

Festool has discontinued the Aluminum- and Steel-cutting blades.

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