Festool Track Saw 168mm with Guide Rail TS 60 KEBQ-F-Plus-FS 577422

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Festool's TS 60 track saw combines the latest technology and features with an impressive 2-7/16 inch depth of cut in a tool the same size and weight as the TS 55. The plunge saw is capable of producing high quality cuts that rival the most advanced stationary mitre saws and table saws in a wide variety of materials but without the space requirement.

TS 60 KEBQ-F is equipped with KickbackStop technology

Greater safety for the operator and protection for the workpiece is enhanced with the integrated kickback stop which stops the blade instantly when kickback is detected. There is no downtime or maintenance required should the kickback stop mechanism be triggered. KickbackStop can be manually turned off so it doesn't falsely trigger, such as when cutting uneven material without a guide rail. It will automatically reset the next time the saw is switched on.

Festool's TS 60 track saw is capable and versatile

The TS 60 boasts a 2-7/16 inch cut depth, and backs it up with a 1,500 watt EC-TEC brushless motor to provide power to spare. The included fine blade is perfect for cutting sheet goods and making crosscuts in solid wood, and other blades can be quickly swapped to make faster cuts, rip cuts, or cuts in other materials include aluminum and nonferrous metals, solid surface and plastics, and abrasive materials. The variable speed motor allows the blade speed to be matched to the cut for optimal results every time.

Integrated electronics enable temperature monitoring to prevent overheating, which would reduce the tool's life, and provide speed control and a fast-acting brake to stop the blade after the cut.

Use the TS 60 track saw with Festool FS or FSK guide rails

Like the TS 55, the TS 60 can be used with the familiar FS guide rails available in lengths from 32 inches up to 118, and can be connected for even longer cuts. The TS 60 can also be used with the FSK cross-cutting guide rails with a built-in angle adjustment that are available in three lengths for cuts up to 16 inches long.

Simple setup with a guide rail

Thanks to the zero-clearance splinterguard, cutting to a line is as simple as positioning the guide rail on the mark and making the cut. Even making bevel cuts up to 47 degrees is that simple, since the pivot mechanism keeps the cut line right at the bottom of the splinterguard.

Accurate depth settings made easy with the dual indicator

At the front of the saw is a depth scale with dual indicator that makes is simple and accurate to set the cut depth without parallax whether the saw is used on or off a guide rail. A fine-adjustment allows precise and exact settings.

Slim blade housing allows the TS 60 KEBQ to cut near obstructions

The flat face of the saw can be used as a reference face to make cuts 1/2 inch from a wall.

The TS 60 works with the Festool system

An extensive range of blades, saw accessories, guide rails, guide rail accessories, dust extraction options, and storage solutions makes the TS 60 even more attractive, providing a top-class cutting experience. The included splinterguard protects the right side of the cut for chip-free results, and the splinterguard attached to the guide rail protects the left side.

The track saw and many of its accessories store away neatly in a compact and durable Systainer with custom-moulded insert (included). This makes it easy to ensure no parts are left behind or lost.

Festool Track Saw 168mm TS 60 KEBQ-F-Plus-FS 576726 specifications

  • 1,500 watts
  • 3,000 to 6,8000 RPM
  • 168 millimetre (6-5/8 inch) blade
  • -1 to 47 degree bevel
  • 0 to 62 millimetre (0 to 2-7/16 inch) depth of cut
  • 45 millimetre (1-3/4 inch) depth of cut at 45 degree bevel
  • D 27 inside /36 outside millimetre (1-1/16 inside/1-7/16 inch outside dust extraction connection
  • 4.8 kilograms (10.58 pounds)

Festool Track Saw 168mm TS 60 KEBQ-F-Plus-FS 576726 scope of delivery

  • TS 60 KEB-F-Plus Track Saw
  • Fine Circular Saw Blade for Wood, 168 millimetre x 20T
  • Sight window
  • Splinterguard
  • 5 millimetre hex key
  • 55 inch FS 1400 Guide Rail
  • Systainer SYS3 M 337 with organizational insert

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