Festool SYS3 HWZ M 337 Hand Tool Organizer Systainer 205518

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Systainer with wooden insert provides storage and accessibility of hand tools for joiners and carpenters. Everything has a home so you can work efficiently and tidily.

For the workshop and jobsite

Bring a workshop level of organization in your vehicle and on-site with Systainers. Each container allows organization, protection, portability, and identification of contents.

System compatible

The SYS3 Systainer stacks and connects to all other previous Systainer generations, carts, dust extractors, and other system accessories for tidy storage and efficient transport, and easy access.

One-handed access

The T-Loc latch allows easy access to the contents with a single hand to unlatch and open the tool box.

Front handle for rack access

The front handle allows the Systainer to be easily pulled forward from inside a rack or cabinet. Once pulled forward, the top handle allows ergonomic carry. Smaller Systainers have a pivoting front handle that can be used to carry it close to the body.

Integrated locking holes

Keep the contents of the Systainer secure by locking the lid closed with a pad lock or cable tie using the latching holes located at the front of the Systainer.


  • 396 x 296 x 337 millimetres (15-5/8 x 11-5/8 x 13-1/4 inches) (length x width x height)
  • 389 x 275 x 296 millimetres inside (length x width x height)
  • 20 .00 kilograms (44 pounds) load capacity
  • 40 .00 kilograms (88 pounds) connected load capacity
  • 100.00 kilograms (220 pounds) lid load capacity
  • 4.40 kilograms (9.7 pounds)

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