Festool 90mm Platin 2 StickFix Abrasive Discs 15x

FestoolSKU: FES498322

Select a grit: S500


Foam-backed silicon carbide abrasives ideal for super-fine finishing and sheen control.

Ideal for use on finishes, fillers, solid surface, fibreglass, and plastics.

90 millimetre (3.5 inch) discs for use with Festool RO 90 sander.

StickFix backing

Festool's special low-profile hook and loop system allows fast and easy replacement or swapping of abrasives without adding unnecessary softness.

Guaranteed quality

Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards that guarantee uniform abrasive positioning on the surface which translates to consistent sanding results so you can spend less time sanding.

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