Festool MJ2-FX-SW D150 Ultra-Soft StickFix Multi-Jetstream 2 Sanding Pad for RO 150 202462

FestoolSKU: FES202462



The ultra soft sanding pad is ideal for sanding curves and contours. The 150 millimetre (6 inch) pad has a bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment to the Festool Rotex RO 150 FEQ and allows excellent power transfer.

Virtually 100% dust extraction

The patented Multi-Jetstream 2 pad design optimizes the movement of air intake and exhaust to provide dust collection from the centre of the pad right up to the edge. Efficient dust extraction results in a cleaner working environment, faster sanding, longer-lasting abrasives which saves you time and money, and makes sanding more pleasant.

FastFix hook and loop system

The special FastFix hook and loop design allows easy placement of abrasive discs and holds them securely. The low-profile hooks and loops yield less cushion, so flatter surfaces can be achieved.

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