Festool LS 130 EQ-Plus Linear Detail Sander Duplex 567852

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Sand details, mouldings, and tricky surfaces that would otherwise require hand sanding faster, cleaner and with less fatigue with the LS 130 Linear Detail Sander. Ideal for sanding rabbets, edges, moulding profiles, spindles, panels and more. This sander is a huge time saver, removing material 3 times faster than by hand.

Linear sanding

True forwards/backwards linear action allows any profile to be sanded, without risk to adjacent surfaces. The sanding motion is more controllable than a rotation, so easy to use on narrow edges.

Interchangeable pads

Choose from a selection of pre-formed flat, angled, convex and concave sanding pads for nearly any application. A kit allows you to make a perfectly-matched custom-shaped pad for sanding more complex mouldings efficiently. Changing pads is fast and easy, and does not require any tools.

Dust collection

The rear extraction port removes dust as it is created so the workspace stays cleaner, abrasives last longer, sanding is more efficient and with a better surface finish.


    • 4 millimetre (5/32 inch) sanding stroke
    • 1.7 kilograms (3.75 pounds)
    • 27 millimetre (1-1/16 inch) dust extraction connection diameter
    • 260 watts
    • 80 x 133 millimetre (3-5/32" x 5-15/64 inch) pad

    Scope of delivery

    • LS 130 EQ
    • SSH-STF-LS130-F 80 x 133 millimetre (3-5/32" x 5-15/64 inch) FastFix flat sanding pad
    • SSSH-STF-LS130-90 GR FastFix right angle sander backing pad
    • Plug-It power cord
    • SYS 1 T-Loc Systainer
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

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