Festool Granat Abrasives Hand Sanding - Soft Sheet Foam Back (115 x 125mm)

FestoolSKU: 497091

25 metre pack. Select a grit: 120


Festools Soft Sheet Abrasive is an excellent solution for delicate sanding, detail sanding, and for coarse sanding in areas best reached by hand.

  • Compatible with your hand.
  • 120 to 800 grit for everything from flexible stock removal to superfine, finish sanding.
  • This Soft Sheet format features a foam backing, preventing scratches in delicate surfaces that normally result from uneven pressure common to un-backed, folded, or jagged edged paper.
  • Use the Soft Sheet abrasive for hand sanding round edges, delicate shapes and curves, or for more coarse sanding in hard to reach areas.
  • Based on the incredibly versatile Granat abrasive, use the Soft Sheet Abrasive on virtually all paints, clear coats, fillers, and wood surfaces.
  • An innovative perforation cuts through the paper, but not the foam, allowing you to cleanly tear a sheet from the roll, which comes packed neatly in a cardboard dispenser.
  • 25 Meters - 200 sheets per roll.

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