Festool EV/16-Set Domino DF 700 Surface Connectors 16x 203421

FestoolSKU: FES203421



Create strong knock down connections that are easy to assemble again and again with Festool's DF 700 Connector System. Ideal for countertops, large desks, show booths, retail fixtures, flat-ship furniture, and other projects that must be disassembled for transport.

Widening Half Shells

Snapping the half shells round the steel cross anchors and connecting bolts increases the load surface for greater distribution of force, resulting in a stronger joint in weaker materials such as particle board.

Scope of delivery

  • 16x SV-DB D14 double-headed bolts
  • 32x pairs half shells for double-headed bolts
  • 32x SV-QA D14 cross anchors
  • 32x pairs SV-V D14 wideners for cross anchors

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