Festool D125mm Granat StickFix Abrasive Assortment in Systainer 577126

FestoolSKU: 577126



A well-rounded set of Festool's most durable and versatile abrasive. Whether you're building furniture or cabinetry, sanding drywall, varnish, paint or metal, Granat is your friend.

125 millimetre (5 inch) discs for Festool ETS 125, ETS EC 125, ETSC 125, PRO 5 and RO 125 sanders.

Advanced no-load coating

A special coating resists loading, clogging and smearing so less swarf and dust remain on the abrasive surface. This results in more efficient sanding, less heat build-up, and longer-lasting abrasives.

Hard and durable abrasive grit

Made of a blend of hardened aluminum oxide and ceramic, Granat is tough enough to abrade almost any material including wood, plastic, metal, scratch-resistant and high VOC coatings. 

StickFix hook and loop backing

Festool's unique hook and loop backing allows rapid and secure attachment of the abrasives to the tool and has less pile than other hook and loop systems so a flatter, firmer sanding surface is achievable.

Guaranteed quality

Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards that guarantee uniform abrasive positioning on the surface which translates to consistent sanding results so you can spend less time sanding.

Scope of delivery

  • 10x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P60 Granat  StickFix abrasive discs
  • 25x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P80 Granat  StickFix abrasive discs
  • 25 x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P120 Granat StickFix abrasive discs
  • 20x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P180 Granat StickFix abrasive discs
  • 20x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P220 Granat StickFix abrasives discs
  • 1x D125 millimetre (5 inch) Foam StickFix interface pad
  • 1x Systainer SYS1 T-Loc with organizational insert

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