Festool 561455 PSB 300 EQ D-Handle Trion Jigsaw

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The Trion jigsaws were designed to produce an ultra-clean cut that does not require time-consuming re-cutting or sanding afterwards.
  • Clean cuts are possible with even the most aggressive blade, thanks to the zero-clearance Splinter guard. Fir? Plywood? No problem.
  • Accurate cuts are made possible by the three-point blade guidance system supports the blade, so the blade goes only where you want it.
  • It starts with the FastFix blade chuck, which opens to receive a blade with a single motion, then locks it automatically.
  • Carbide guides located just above the saws base provide rigid support for the blade, ensuring accurate cuts, and a back-up bearing keeps the blade from deflecting backwards.
  • With three levels of orbital action, the Trion can be aggressive, too.
  • Breaking down raw lumber just got a whole lot easier.
  • Two different grip styles are available.

PSB 300 EQ - D-handle for easy one-handed use

  • With controls accessible without loosening your grip on the saw, the D-handle body is especially suited for cuts where you cant be right on top of the saw, such as in the middle of wide material, or trimming rafter tails overhead.
  • The trigger can be locked on with the press of a button.


  • 720watts (6 amps)
  • 1" (26 mm) stroke length
  • Base tilts 45 degrees left and right, with positive stop at 0 degrees
  • MMC electronics for soft start, continuously-variable speed control (1,000-2,900 spm), continuous speed under load
  • 5.06 lbs (2.3 kg) barrel grip, 5.29 lbs (2.4 kg) D-handle


  • Splinterguard
  • Dust collection shroud
  • Plug-It power cord
  • T-Loc Systainer
  • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

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