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Specialized Tool to Layout and Set Up for Flawless 45 Degree Mitres

Easily and accurate mark stock for miter cuts.

Set the blade angle perfectly for accurate cuts.

Anodized aluminum handle allows secure registration against workpiece for accuracy.

Laser-cut stainless steel body is accurate and able to withstand a lifetime of use with any marking tool.

Made by Woodpeckers to the highest quality in the USA.

Order Deadline for this OneTIME Tool: September 25, 2017

Designed exclusively for assisting with 45 degree miter cuts, the new Woodpecker Dual Miter Scribing Gauge. Ideal for creating picture frames, cutting moulding, or mitring boxes. It features an oversized aluminum fence for solid registration against your work piece.

A scale on the long edge (metric or imperial) starts at 0 in the middle and runs outwards to the corners. Scale is laser-engraved on both sides of the tool, and a diamond cutout in the blade near the fence is adjacent to the 0 mark.

Once your cuts are laid out, loosen the knurled knob to remove the fence and use the precision-cut stainless-steel blade to dial in the angle of your table or mitre saw. There is no guesswork involved.

WP-DMSG-ISET åÊImperial Set 169.95
WP-DMSG-ILG Imperial Large 104.95
WP-DMSG-ISM Imperial Small 79.95
WP-DMSG-MSET Metric Set 169.95
WP-DMSG-MLG Metric Large 104.95
WP-DMSG-MSM Metric Small 79.95

    Two sizes available. Buy them individually or as a kit.

    Large version:

    • laser-cut stainless steel blade with 16" long edge and 8" long miter edges
    • suitable for marking stock up to 5-3/4" wide

    Small version:

    • laser-cut stainless steel blade with 12" long edge and 5" miter edges
    • suitable for marking stock up to 3-1/2" wide

    Handle of each is anodized aluminum and 7-1/2" x 1" x 5/16".

    Like all Woodpeckers'åÊOneTIME Tools, the Dual Miter Scribing GaugeåÊis made to order. No extras will be available.

    Order deadline is September 25, 2017. Delivery is scheduled for JanuaryåÊ2018.

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