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Domino Offset Base System - OneTIME Tool

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ONE TIME TOOL - Domino Base System

Mounts to DF 500, or DF 700 with 5 mm spacers.

Includes spacers to accurately and repeatably center mortises on common thicknesses.

Modular Outrigger Fence design has a 54" (1350 mm) capacity, yet breaks down easily to fit into a Systainer.

Made by Woodpeckers to the highest quality in the USA.

Order Deadline is May 22, 2017

Generously-sized, precision-machined 1/4" aircraft-grade aluminum offset plate is the ultimate accessory for the Domino DF 500 joiner. Add a pair of 5 mm spacers to use it with the DF 700.

Modular, and Portable

Connect the five 12 inch (300 mm) track sections can be joined quickly and easily with T-Track Connectors for a 54" capacity, and the entire system breaks down to fit into a Systainer SYS1.

Symmetrical Mortises Made Easy

Four flip stops make it simple to precisely and repeatably plunge mortises (extra pairs available).

Easy-to-read, laser-engraved scales on Offset Base and Fence.

Once one set of mortises are cut, simply remove the extension fence from the Offset Fence and reverse it to cut the mating mortises - no need to make adjustments or move flip stops.

Flexible Package Options

Offset Base is available on its own, or with Outrigger Fences in the Offset Base System, including Systainer and custom-cut foam. Eligible for free shipping in Canada.

Additional Outrigger Fences allow stops to be set to the left and right at the same time.

Expanded Spacer Set includes stainless steel spacers for centering the DF 500 on 1", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2" thicknesses.

Table Apron Spacers allow you to create offsets of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". Stainless steel.

DF 700 Adapter Spacers convert the Offset Base System to work with the Domino XL. Machined from stainless steel.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools, the Domino Offset Base System and accessories is made to order. No extras will be made.

 OBSI + OB5A DF 500/700 Base System Imperial $589.00
OBSM + OB5A DF 500/700 Base System Metric $589.00
OBM + OB5A DF 500/700 Base Only Metric 373.00
OBI + OB5A DF 500/700 Base Only Imperial 373.00
OBSI DF 500 Base System Imperial 575.00
OBSM DF 500 Base System Metric 575.00
OBI DF 500 Base Only Imperial 359.00
OBM DF 500 Base Only Metric 359.00
OBOI Outrigger Set Imperial 275.00
OBOM Outrigger Set Metric 275.00
OBES Expanded Spacer Set 99.00
OBTA Table Apron Spacers 35.00
OB5A DF 700 Adapter Spacers Only 14.00



Delivery is estimated for October 2017. 

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