Domino Cross Stop

FestoolSKU: 498590



For repeat hole spacing between 3-7/8" and 8-1/16" (100mm and 205mm).

  • The Domino Cross Stop enables precise and repeatable mortise placement across the surface or edge of a work piece.
  • Designed for material of any length, the Cross Stop increases efficiency by eliminating the need for witness or scribe marks.
  • Adjustable-spaced pins register against the starting edge of the material or in the previous mortise for accurate and consistent spacing of mortises.
  • Attaches quickly and easily without tools to the Festool Domino Joiner.
  • Allows for repetitive indexing of mortises, without the need for witness or scribe marks
  • Adjusts precisely in 1mm increments
  • Index from opposite sides for perfect alignment in edge gluing applications
Replaces product #493488

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