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Diamond Coated Lapping Plate

Lie-Nielsen -


DMT Dia-Flat Diamond Coated Lapping Plate


The Dia-Flat Lapping Plate allows you to flatten waterstones, Arkansas stones, and conventional stones faster and flatter than other methods.

The steel plate is ground flat to +/- 0.0005 € and has a consistent, aggressive, 120-micron diamond coating. The diamonds are bonded to the plate using a proprietary process called €œDMT Diamond Hardcoat Technology €, which outlasts any other diamond coating on the market.

With 40 square inches of working surface, the Dia-Flat has the largest surface area of any diamond lapping plate on the market.  

  • 10 € x 4 € x 0.375 €
  • weight is 4 lbs.

All DMT products are made in the USA.

Category: Manual Sharpening

Type: Sharpening

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