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(Fits Domino DF500 out-of-the-box and the Domino XL700 by adding the XL700 5mm Adapters)

Woodpeckers DF-500 Offset Base makes Festool's two Domino joinery tools even better. It provides a much larger and more robust indexing platform that insures proper mortise geometry even when making large runs of cabinet and furniture parts. When they first brought out the Offset Base they designed it around the original Domino DF-500. Before its second production run, Festool released the Domino XL and they realized it only took a pair of 5mm thick spacers for the Offset Base to work with the new bigger unit. Now that they're making the Offset Base available all the time, you can get it ready for your Domino XL simply by adding the XL700 5mm Adapters.

Why the Offset Base System Works So Well. The system starts with a very flat and carefully machined plate that fastens securely to the base of either Domino. The reference surface that you will hold against your stock is made from the same material, with the same care, and is joined to the attachment plate with heavy-duty machine screws threaded into stout, 3/4" diameter stainless steel spacers. This design eliminates the possibility of fence drift even after repetitive cuts. By simply changing the spacers between the attachment plate and the reference plate, you can center your mortises precisely in five different material thicknesses, nominal 3/4" plywood (23/32"), 12mm and 18mm metric plywood (like Baltic Birch) and actual dimension 3/4" and 1/2" glue-ups and solid wood. There are .005" shims to tweak the mortise position to even tighter tolerance. There's also an optional expanded spacer set that gives you even more options for thicker material.

Simple Setup and Easy to Use. When the Offset Base is screwed to the base of the Domino, the entire unit is automatically centered. In clear view of the operator are laser engraved Imperial or metric scales in 1/16" or 1mm increments. The scale starts with "0" aligned to the Domino cursor then extends 2' (50mm) right and left.

Add even more versatility, precision and repeatability with Woodpeckers Outriggers and Flip-Stops. These heavy-duty extruded aluminum outriggers extend up to 54" (1,350mm on metric models) either right or left of the Domino cutter. The perfectly machined flip-stops lock in place and have zero lateral play. Now, you can precisely locate mortises over a 9-foot span in a dependably repeatable pattern (requires flipping the outrigger end-for-end half-way across the work).

The outrigger comes in five sections that are carefully machined to precise 12" or 300mm lengths. They are a triple T-track extrusion that's anodized then laser engraved with inch or metric scales. The center section is aligned to "0" with the Offset Base then extends 6" or 150mm right and left. The second section can be locked in place on either side and its engraved scales continue from 6" to 18" or 150mm to 450mm. With all five sections connected, the outrigger extends to 54" or 1,350mm long.

Ordering Options. The complete system includes the Offset Base, five outrigger bars with connectors, five sets of spacers and four flip stops. You can also order the Offset Base without the outrigger set up. The base includes the attachment plate, reference plate and five sets of spacers. For either configuration, add the optional 5mm spacers if you're using a Domino XL. Both configurations are available in your choice of Imperial or Metric calibration, and both come in a Systainer T-LOC case, fully compatible with your Festool cases. A custom-cut foam liner inside the Systainer protects your Offset Base during storage and jobsite transport.

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