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DelVe Square 2017 - OneTIME Tool - Limited Availability

Woodpeckers -


We have a very limited number of Delve Squares Available... 


Woodpeckers Delve Square was developed over the years by North Carolina woodworker Tom DelVechio. He continually improved and added more functionality to his shop-made versions until it became the patent pending design marvel it is today. 

  • Joinery layout
  • Gauging tool
  • Measureless marking
  • Machine set-up
  • Measuring
  • Marking angles and more

No Measurement Mortise & Tenon Layout.

The DelVe Square right triangle is offset in the 3/4” wide base with 1/4” on one side and 3/8” on the other. So in commonly used 3/4” thick stock, tenon cheeks and shoulders are marked with the stroke of a pencil.

Fast and Precise Machine Setup

Of course you can use the DelVe Square to set your table saw to 90 and 45 deg. But you can also use the base’s 3/4” width or 1/4” thickness to set the blade height. Or stand the square on its edge and use the measurement scale to make other height adjustments. You can even set your saw fence using these foolproof, fixed gauging dimensions.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools, the DelVe Square is  made to order. 

The pre order deadline to order has now passed (February 20, 2017).

Delivery is estimated for June 2017. 

WP-DSq-17  DelVe Square 75.95


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