DBF-45 Version 2.0 BigFoot Support for Festool Domino

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Complete vertical mortising operations with safety, confidence and speed with this must-have accessory to the Festool Domino DF500 and DF700 XL

The base support bracket that comes with your Domino joiner is intended to provide additional stability for precision mortising, and is especially useful when using the tool in a vertical orientation.

If you are among the many Domino users who have come to love this tool, you may also be among those who wish the original base support bracket provided more support and control during vertical mortising operations.

Enter the solution: the DBF-45 BigFoot, an enlarged base support bracket for Domino DF500 and DF700 XL joiners.

This precision machined, anodized aluminum bracket features significantly more base surface area compared to the original Festool accessory, adds a substantial support handle, and includes comfort grip knobs for quickly affixing the BigFoot to your Domino.

An integral viewport and cursor make it easy to align the Domino to your workpiece markings even with the BigFoot installed.

Despite the larger size of the BigFoot base, it still fits easily in your DF500 or DF700 XL systainer for storage ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ even if you already have another well-known Domino aftermarket accessory in the systainer.

Benefits of the DBF-45 BigFoot‰̣ۡå¢ include:

  • Large base surface area for improved stability
  • Substantial support handle
  • Easy on and off with comfort grip knobs
  • Large, open viewport with cursor for aligning the Domino to your work
  • Opens up new, creative and safe uses for the Domino joiner
  • Fits both DOMINO DF 500 and DX 700

Plus new features to make your DOMINO even more useful:

  • New mounting points and included hardware for attaching shop-built auxiliary fence, customized to the length of your choice (free plans downloadable below)
  • When used in conjunction with auxiliary fence, enables wide panel face mortising with speed and precision
  • Three (3) additional parallax-free cursors provide more alignment choices for mortise centerline locations
  • Still fits both DOMINO DF 500 and DX 700 XL‰ۡÌÝÌÒand easily fits in both systainers
What's Included?
  • DBF-45 BigFoot Support Bracket with Handle
  • 2 qty. Comfort Grip Star Knobs

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