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̴Ì_̴Ì_ONE TIME TOOL - Dado Setup Fixture & Gap Gauge

Accurately set up a dado blade stack with the Dado Setup Fixture and Gap Gauge without the tedious trial-and-error process of building and rebuilding it on the table saw with different combinations of shims.

Made by Woodpeckers to the highest quality in the USA.


Eliminate the slow trial-and-error process of building a dado set

The Woodpeckers Gap Gauge, paired with the Dado Setup Fixture, makes setting and adjusting the width of a dado stack safe and easy. No longer do you have the high risk dropping the arbor nut in the cabinet of your saw or damaging a tooth while guiding a blade through the iron table top.

Dado Setup Fixture makes it easy and convenient to build the properly-sized dado stack.

Instead of adding and removing blades on the table saw arbor while you fine-tune the width of the stack, use the Dado Setup Fixture̴Ì_clamped in a vise, or on your bench top or Festool MFT with the included bushings to conveniently build the stack and test the size.

Brass bushing accurately positions each dado blade and chipper, and the large knurled knob makes it easy to tighten the dado stack and shims without tools exactly as it would be on the table saw, so there's no guessing.

Gap Gauge shows you exactly how̴Ì_wide to build the dado̴Ì_stack.

Use the Gap Gauge as a go-no-go gauge to determine the exact size required for a precise fit. Simply set it to your stock thickness, lock the setting, then you're ready to check the width of your dado stack.

Two sizes are available for large and small jobs.

      Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools, the Dado Setup Fixture and Gap Gauges are̴Ì_made to order. No extras will be made.


      Delivery is estimated̴Ì_for July 2017.̴Ì_

      ̴Ì_DFS-Deluxe Dado Setup Fixture + Standard Gap Gauge + Mini Gap Gauge $229.95
      DSF Dado Setup Fixture only $96.95
      GG-SET-17 Standard + Mini Gap Gauges $148.95
      GG-STD-17 Standard Gap Gauge $96.95
      GG-MINI-17 Mini Gap Gauge $69.95


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