CT SYS - Replacement Bags and Filters

FestoolSKU: 500438

Bags or Filters: Filter Bags 5x


Designed for the CT SYS Systainer Dust Extractor

Choose between:

  • single use disposable bags;
  • Longlife filter bags for convenience and economy;
  • CT SYS HEPA Certified 0.3 micron Filter Element; or
  • 1 micron economy Filters

Filter Bags 5x:

  • Designed to maximize filter bag volume, with highly tear resistant filter fleece
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag made of fleece material
  • For use with Festool CT-SYS mobile dust extractor
  • Include five (5) filter bags

Longlife Cloth Bag:

  • Made from high strength, 3-layer polyester fleece with a long service life
  • Reuseable filter bag for disposal of dust
  • Made for use with Festool CT-SYS mobile dust extractor

Hepa Certified Filter Element:

  • EPA Main Filter captures 99.99% of particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, helping you work cleaner and breathe easier.

Economy 1 Micron Filter element:

  • Protects the motor against dust
  • High-performance particle filtering
  • For use with CT-SYS mobile dust extractor
  • Includes one (1) filter

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