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Locking Angle Adapter and Chip Collection Bag for Festool Track Saws

Festool -


New locking angle adapter connects securely to hoses with a simple twist!

Use your TS 55 REQ or TS 75 EQ with a chip collection bag for effective dust collection without a dust extractor!  

Captures dust and chips for quick and easy disposal.

Locking Angle Adapter to Retrofit Your TS 55 EQ, REQ, TSC 55 REB or TS 75 EQ

This multi-function dust port adapter is a simple retrofit and enables you to securely attach a locking Festool hose with a simple twist, or use the new Festool cloth dust bag for those situations where a Dust Extractor is unavailable. Used with a hose; the detachable angle piece locks in 30 positions to position the hose where you want.

Note: You will need to remove the blade coverplate to install the Locking Angle Adapter if you do not already have a 2-piece adapter installed. This is a very quick and easy operation; and requires a Torx-15 bit.

Wire-Frame Collapsible Dust Bag (Included with the TSC Cordless Saw)

The cloth dust bag connects to the Angle Adapter quickly and securely with a twisting motion. With its integral wire frame; it maintains its box-like shape and can be folded flat for storage. The included cap keeps dust from escaping when not attached to the saw.

Note: The Angle Adapter is required to connect the Dust Bag to the saw

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