Centrotec Installers Set (2015 / 2016)

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The Festool Centrotec installer set is now available for a limited time.

Includes extenders, countersinks, socket adapters, imperial brad point drill bits and driver bits.

Festool is offering Centrotec square drive bits in this set, in 25 and 100mm (1 and 4"") lengths.

Save 56% over purchasing the items individually. A great opportunity


This set provides a quality, durable and comprehensive driver and drill packagein a single Systainer.

Supply is often limited on Festool Installer Sets, so you may wish to order soon.

(Replacesall previous installer sets)

Included is:

  • Centrotec Bit Holder BHS 65
  • Centrotec Bit Holder BH 60
  • Centrotec Bit Extension
  • Centrotec Adapter
  • Screwdriver Centrotec Drive
  • 1/4‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_ CENTROTEC Socket Adapter
  • 3/8‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_ CENTROTEC Socket Adapter
  • Square Drive #1‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25 mm (5x)
  • Square Drive #2‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25 mm (10x)
  • Square Drive #3‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5)
  • Bit Phillips PH 1‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5)
  • Bit Phillips PH 2‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (10)
  • Bit Phillips PH 3‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5x)
  • Bit Torx TX 15‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5x)
  • Bit Torx TX 20‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5x)
  • Bit Torx TX 25‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5x)
  • Bit Torx TX 30‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥25mm (5x)
  • Bit Phillips PH 1‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Phillips PH 2‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Phillips PH 3‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Torx TX 15‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Torx TX 20‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Torx TX 25‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Torx TX 30‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Square Drive #1‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Square Drive #2‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Bit Square Drive #3‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥100mm
  • Centrotec Pilotless Countersink
  • Centrotec Countersink with Pilot Bit and Depth-Stop
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/8‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 3/16‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/4‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 5/16‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 3/8‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 7/16‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/2‰ۡóÁÌ_•À_


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