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Cabinet Maker's Scraper Plane #85

Lie-Nielsen -


This elegant Scraping Plane, comfortably sized between Lie-Nielsen's large and small Scraping Planes, is based on the Stanley No. 85. The blade extends the full width of the base and allows you to work right into a corner, such as a fielded panel. The tilting knob and handle offer clearance for your knuckles when scraping inside a box or on a wide, deep rabbet. Frog is fixed.

  • Ductile Iron Body, Bronze Frog & Cap
  • Length 8-3/8" (21.27cm). Width 2" (5.08cm)
  • 2" wide A2 Blade beveled at 45ᄎ
  • Weight 3 lbs.

Toothed blades, for preparing surfaces for veneering and for working exceptionally difficult grains, are available in coarse (18 teeth per inch) and fine (25 teeth per inch).

Type: Hand Planes

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