Woodpeckers Blade Gauge 2.0 - OneTime Tool

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Select your size:: Blade Gauge Set (for 10") includes Case.



Set a Precise Saw Blade Angle in Seconds.

Angle gauges for̴Ì_45̴åÁ 30̴åÁ 22.5̴åÁ, Plus 33.85̴åÁ and 31.6̴åÁ for perfect crown moldings.̴Ì_

10" and̴Ì_12" sets available, or order the deluxe set for̴Ì_both sizes.

Packaged in a molded case with custom cut foam interior.

Individually laser cut heavy 16 gauge stainless steel, non-glare satin finish.

̴Ì_Laser Engraved labels with both main and complementary angles.

Includes a substantial Aluminum̴Ì_gauge holder for hands free operation.

Watch the Video Below for more details

̴Ì_- Order Deadline is April 25 2016 -

Accurate, repeatable and error free; an excellent tool set̴Ì_for setting angles for table saws, mitre saws as well as for general layout. ̴Ì_

Woodpeckers' Blade Gauge Set 2.0 includes gauges made with precision, laser cut̴Ì_accuracy̴Ì_and̴Ì_a clever and stout gauge holder so you can make machine adjustments with both hands̴Ì_free. Just hook the gauge into captive slot on the bottom of the solid aluminum base then move it into̴Ì_position

Choose Blade Gauge 2.0 for either 10‰ۡó� or 12‰ۡó� blades, or get both sizes and save. Blade Gauges are a generous 12‰ۡó� long. The width of the gauges vary to maximize angle contact̴Ì_with the blade.

̴Ì_̴Ì_Woodpeckers' One Time̴Ì_Tools are made̴Ì_to order.


No extra inventory will be built.

- Estimated to ship August̴Ì_2016̴Ì_-


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The shipping date is an estimate and could change depending on the size and timing of production runs.

BG10-16 ̴Ì_Blade Gauge Set (for 10") includes Case $178.00
BGDEL-16 Blade Gauge Deluxe Set (10" & 12") includes Case $299.90
BG12-16 Blade Gauge Set (for 12") Includes Case $209.90

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