Bessey 300 Pound Large Trigger Clamps

Bessey ToolsSKU: BES-EHKL18

Select: 18 inch


Bessey Trigger Clamps have been engineered from the ground up to provide a clean design, comfortable handles, and easy tool-free conversion between clamping and spreading.

A robust steel rail coupled with powerful clamping technology and ergonomically-shaped handles allows the application of considerable force, and the removable soft-touch pads eliminate marring of the workpiece.

To switch between clamping and spreading, simply push the locking mechanism to disengage the fixed jaw, move it to the other end of the clamping rail, and re-engage the locking mechanism.

Bessey's Large Trigger Clamps can apply up to 300 pounds of force and have a 3-1/8 inch throat depth.

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