Bessey K Body VARIO REVOlution 1700 Pound Parallel Bar Clamps

Bessey ToolsSKU: BES-KREV40

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Bessey K Body VARIO REVOlution offer the power, versatility and usability to make them the best parallel bar clamps in the world.

The K Body VARIO REVOlution clamp series has all the same features as the K Body REVOlution and one extra - the "fixed" jaw can be moved along the clamping rail. This allows the clamp to balanced over a smaller assembly, or with the addition of another clamping head, two separate assemblies can be clamped with the same clamp rail.

Clamping force is applied with an ergonomic 2-component handle for a solid grip, and a steel hex socket in the end allows rapid adjustment or access by using a hex key or driver (maximum 17 Nm torque). Pressure is distributed over a broad-faced jaws that remain parallel to each other. Each clamp includes three removable and replaceable glue- and solvent-resistant pressure caps.

Combined with a profiled cold drawn steel rail, each clamp is capable of applying up to 1700 pounds of clamping force.

Rail Protection Clips (two included) serve as stand-offs to keep the workpiece from coming in contact with the steel rail, thereby preventing marring or staining.

The clamping head can be reversed without tools to convert it to a spreader.

Accessories allow the clamp rail to be extended for a greater reach, or the clamping of angled or tapered pieces.

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