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One of the biggest recent innovations in the clamping world, Bessey's GearKlamp simplifies clamping situations that are difficult with other clamps. No more trying to fit and operate a clamp with long handle in tight spaces.

This is achieved through a patented mechanism that separates the clamping screw spindle from the handle. The mechanism is fully enclosed and protected from dust and debris.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having the clamping handle on the rail, away from the clamping spindle, the GearKlamp is also very user-friendly. A large quick-adjust button allows the clamping head to be rapidly moved along the bar, and secured for reliable clamping.

With a profiled, tempered steel rail and fibreglass-reinforced polyamide housing, a GearKlamp can apply up to 450 pounds of pressure.

Includes a protective plastic clamping pad which can be removed to make use of the grooved clamping pad to hold odd-shaped materials.

2-3/8" throat depth.

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