Bessey 600 Pound F-Clamps

Bessey ToolsSKU: BES-TGJ2.506+2K

Select: 6 inch


This is the original Bessey̴Ì_malleable cast iron bar clamp - a versatile,̴Ì_light duty clamp̴Ì_and a shop essential.

Thanks to an integral set screw moulded into the movable head that meshes with the serrated edges on the steel bar, this clamp will not slip. The̴Ì_patterned malleable cast iron clamping arms and stiff hourglass-profiled steel bar, coupled with Acme thread, provide up to̴Ì_600 pounds of clamping force.̴Ì_Throat depth is 2-1/2 inches.

The high quality 2K composite handle with comfort insert allows you to complete tasks more effectively and with less hand fatigue.

Compatible with Single and Dual Spindle Clamps for clamping edges.

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