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Kreg Clamp Trak

Kreg -


Turn your entire work surface into a clamping station.

Build into your work surface between 3/4" thick panels for a flat surface with the ability to clamp anywhere.

Use Clamp Blocks for repeatable positioning.

Hold work in place with Kreg Bench Clamps.

Category: Clamps

Type: Clamping

True Clamping Flexibility

The Clamp Trak lets you turn an entire workbench or sawhorse into a clamping station. The Clamp Trak can be quickly routed into any wood or composite work surface, such as a workbench or sawhorse, or staggered between two 3/4"-thick panels to provide a flush-mounted clamping plane anywhere you need it.

Use with Bench Clamps or Clamp Blocks

Once installed, it accepts any Kreg Bench Clamp to give you complete control over where you position your clamp. When not in use, you can remove the Bench Clamp to regain your flush work surface.

Clamp blocks provide reliable alignment - perfect for assembling corner joints.

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