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Sanding Set for 125mm (5") Sanders - Abrasives & Systainer

Festool -


A useful set of abrasives at bulk prices - neatly packed in a Festool T-Loc 125 mm Abrasive Systainer (497685)

This is the perfect companion to your Festool Rotex, ETS or ETS EC 125 mm Orbital Sanders.

 Keep a full set of abrasives (125mm - 5") organized and accessible.

Abrasive Grit

 Granat P80 25
Granat P120 25
Granat P180 25
Granat P220 25
Granat 320 25
Total Abrasives  125 Pcs

These sanding sets include premium Festool Granat abrasives from 80 grit for coarse material removal to 320 grit for fine sanding and finishing. 

These assortments provide a uniform range of grits in useful quantities for maximum value and productivity.

For the complete range of available abrasives visit the  125mm Abrasives Page.

Hardened Aluminum Oxide/Ceramic Grit blend, combined with high-tech non-clogging coatings make Festool Granat suitable for all surfaces. Sand finishes, bare wood, and even scratch-resistant surfaces with excellent results.

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