Dirt Trap - CT 22/ CT33

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Select: Dirt trap for CT 22


For Wet Operation

  • The Dirt Trap enhances the use of your CT 22 / CT 33 for wet extraction by providing a removable container for the clean and efficient disposal of liquids.
  • Fits into CT22 / CT33 dust extractor just as a filter bag, allowing you to empty wet contents without the need to lift or maneuver the entire CT unit.
  • Made from high impact ABS plastic.
  • Includes a top cover with fine mesh stainless steel screen to keep large particles from clogging the final filters.
  • Should be used in conjunction with Wet Filter Elements (452924), to prevent damage to Standard, or HEPA filters.
  • Order 452925 for CT 22
  • Order 452926 for CT 33

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