115" Laguna Bandsaw Blades for 1412/14bx

LagunaSKU: LAG-BBPF-14-4-115

Blade Width and Pitch: 1/4" x 4 TPI Proforce


Premium quality bandsaw blades for any woodworking application.

Proforce blades are high-quality and affordable. Each blade is hand-welded and individually inspected for quality. Comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Made in Sweden.

An economical choice for resawing, Shearforce blades have a thin 0.24" backing and variable pitch for a smooth cut and reduced vibration. Made in the USA.

The Resaw King blade is the ideal blade for cutting hard or exotic woods. This blade provides an excceptionally-smooth cut with a narrow kerf. Resaw King is tipped with a C4 carbide alloy and can be sharpened 4-5 times. Manufactured in Germany and built in the USA.

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