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Felder, Hammer, Format-4

Felder-Group has been focused on the development, production and sales of high quality woodworking machines since 1956. Their products are made in their own factory located in Tirol, Austria.

Ultimate Tools has been selling and servicing these machines since 2008.

The product line includes:

  • Sliding table saws
  • Jointers, planers, and combination jointer-planers
  • Shapers
  • Combination Saw-Shapers
  • 5-function combination machines
  • CNC machine centers
  • Edgebanders
  • Wide belt sanders
  • Edge sanders
  • Bandsaws
  • Boring and slot mortising machines
  • Industry panel saws
  • Presses
  • Dust extractors
  • Tooling
  • Workshop accessories

Visit our showroom, or contact us for more information on any of these products.

These are some of our most popular products from Felder-Group. Click the image for more details.


Hammer A3 31: 12" Jointer/Planer Combination

Felder AD741 16" Jointer/Planer Combination

Felder AD 741: 16" Jointer/Planer Combination


Hammer N3800: 15" Bandsaw


Felder FB 610: 24" Bandsaw

Felder K540S: Sliding Table Saw

Felder K 540 S: Sliding Table Saw


Felder KF700S: Sliding Table Saw/Shaper Combination

Felder KF 700 S Professional: Sliding Table Saw/Shaper Combination

Format-4 Kappa 400: Sliding Table Saw with Multiple Axis ControlFormat-4 Kappa 400: Sliding Table Saw with Multiple Axis Control


Felder CF531: Sliding Table Saw/Shaper/Planer/Jointer/Slot Mortiser Combination

Felder CF 531 Professional: Sliding Table Saw/Shaper/Planer/Jointer/Slot Mortiser Combination


Felder FAT 300: Adjustable Height Work Table


Hammer F3: Shaper with optional Power Feeder

Felder G330: Compact Professional Edgebander

Felder G 330: Compact Professional Edgebander

Felder G660: Industrial Edgebander

Felder G 660: Industrial Edgebander