Woodpeckers 3/4" Dog Hole Boring Jig for Work Surfaces


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Accurately bore dog holes for your own MFT-style worksurface or workbench

Use this precision-machined template and a commonly-available 1/2" router bit and included bushing for to produce 3/4" holes in your work surface on 96 mm centres (same as Festool MFT).

Stainless steel reference pins and anodized aluminum indexing pins automatically align the jig relative to edges or pre-drilled holes.

Plunge router ensures holes are bored perpendicularly.


Spiral upcut router bits are particularly well-suiting to plunging applications, such as boring holes. We recommend Whiteside's 1/2" Upcut Spiral Router Bits for speed, quality of cut and excellent chip extraction. Select bit length based on the thickness of bench top you are drilling.

Dog Holes in any Workbench or Multi-Function Work Table Increase Versatility

An accurate grid of dog holes used in conjunction with dogs and clamps is useful for workholding, assembling, and positioning for cutting, routing and sanding. No workbench or work surface is complete without a pattern of holes.

Precisely-Placed Dog Holes Begin with an Accurately-Machined Template

Carefully-drilled holes ensures that dogs fit well and make assembly quicker and easier. The Woodpeckers Hole Boring Jig consists of a 3/8" phenolic plate 13 x 17" with a pattern of holes on 96 mm centers (same as Festool's MFT tables).

Indexing Pins Provide Accurate and Repeatable Positioning

Install the stainless steel pins to locate the template off of the edge of your bench top and clamp it to bore the first set of holes. Switch to the anodized aluminum indexing pins to duplicate the pattern across the work surface and away from the edges.

Choose from One of Two Brass Template Guide Bushings for Either 20 mm or 3/4" Holes

Use the included brass guide bushing and install it in your router along with a commonly-available 1/2" plunge router bit to start milling dog holes.

Just Add a 1/2" Router Bit

Woodpecker's Hole Boring Jig system includes phenolic template, brass template guide and lock ring for 3/4" dog holes, stainless steel edge-indexing pins, and three anodized aluminum indexing pins.

You need to provide a plunge router and 1/2" plunge router bit.

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