Roberlo SANIUS Surface Hygienizing Spray Aerosol 400ml Can

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A new product to make it easier for shop professionals to allow continuing with the activity, this is Roberlo's latest proposal with the presentation of Sanius, surface hygienizing. The leader in the automotive repair and refinishing sector has created a new hydro-alcoholic solution in spray format that will keep work spaces clean and with maximum hygiene. Safe for use on Upholstery, and electronics; it can be used on company vehicles, equipment, machines, work spaces, tools and much more.̴Ì_

Sanius̴Ì_has been designed by Roberlo's R+D+I teams to respond to the current challenges of the sector. This product is suitable for any surface, very easy to use and, above all, a very versatile product, as it can be used both in the workplace and at home.

Actions against Covid-19

The development of̴Ì_Sanius̴Ì_is one of the several actions of Roberlo to help overcome the crisis situation. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic the company has delivered more than 270,000 units of gloves and a thousand masks to hospitals in the province of Girona. Healthcare professionals are already using this personal protective equipment to improve their own protection and that of all patients.

A new hydroalcoholic solution for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the work environment.

  • Maximum cleanliness.
  • Suitable for any type of surface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile product with multiple uses.


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