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Centrotec Hand Driver
The 1 inch pocket chisel has a Teflon coated blade and heavy duty folding nylon handles designed for hammering.
Fastcap Accuscribe ProFastcap Accuscribe Pro
Fastcap Edge Break tool on white background showing clamping knob, top plate, and body.Fast Break with file installed set for a small chamfer, and resting on a piece of plywood with a neatly bevelled edge.
The Fastcap Mini Scribe has a blocky body and the scribing point sits in an adjustable cam to change the offset.The Fastcap Mini Scribe consists of a body, cam mechanism with lock, and includes pencil leads and steel scribe point.
The FastCap Reveal Square offers eight different reveals from 1/8 to 9/16 inch in 1/16 inch increments - 4 on each side.A worker uses the FastCap Reveal Square to quickly and accurately mark two adjacent offsets.
FastCap's SpeedRoller Pro has an ergonomic red and black body, a set of steel rollers, and a set of rubber rollers.A worker uses FastCap's SpeedRoller Pro with steel rollers to firmly press down SpeedTape for strong adhesion.
The FastCap SpeedRoller Quad has two steel rollers on one side and two rubber rollers on the other side.
FastCap's Tri Trimmer features two blades at one end and one blade at the other for access into corners. Ergonomic body.A worker uses the Tri Trimmer to trim edge banding flush down the side of the cabinet.
This Japanese ryoba has two edges with crosscut and rip teeth on each edge. Traditional handle and replaceable blade.
The TR 16 XL Hultafors Claw Hammer is forged from a single piece of steel for strength and durability.The TR 16 XL Hultafors Claw Hammer has a slim claw that can get into smaller spaces with less marking.
The mallet has a non-marring urethane-covered head and Santoprene grip. No exposed metal, so hammer is non-sparking.A flat on the top of the mallet's head allows the hammer to stand upright for convenient storage.
The side nail set provides good control and the end nail set affords access to tight areas and offers better visibility.
Nakaya Big 3 Kataba Style Saw with 250mm long blade 0.5mm thick, 22 teeth per 30mm. Natural handle.
This Japanese Dozuki handsaw with super-fine 0.2 millimetre blade made with Swedish steel for clean detail cuts.

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