Mirka CEROS Sanders - 3"

MirkaSKU: MIM32520US

Select: 3" CEROS with transformer


̴Ì_Mirka Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander (CEROS)



The̴Ì_MIRKA CEROS is a unique all-round machine. Its compact and lightweight, yet the ultra-reliable, air-tight brushless 400 watt motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load. The speed can be adjusted from̴Ì_4,000-10,000 rpm.

The optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to grip and easy to use, while the low profile design gives it high maneuverability and helps it deliver precise and efficient sanding performance. It also runs very quietly, inexpensive̴Ì_to run, requires minimal maintenance and is practical to use in any location where a power source is available.

The 3" CEROS̴Ì_offers all the benefits of the larger versions and its 2.5 mm stroke is perfectly suited for spot sanding, detail work, and contour sanding.

It is available with a transformer, or without, as it uses the same transformer as the 5" and 6" CEROS. Supplied in a cardboard box.

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