Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router

Shaper OriginSKU: SO-SO1-NN



A revolutionary development, the Origin provides the accuracy and repeatability of CNC with portability of a handheld router. While the entire unit is handheld and moved around by the user who provides the gross movements, the motor spindle itself is attached to a CNC-controlled mount that provides the precision.

Automated touch-off sensor

The machine automatically zeroes the depth of cut for accuracy.

1/4 inch collet

Includes a 1/4 inch collet. 1/8 inch collet available separately.

Dust extraction port

Designed with the SM-1 spindle to provide optimal debris extraction, the port has a 34 millimetre inside diameter and 39 millimetre outside diameter and fits most standard 27mm (35mm outside diameter) and 36mm suction hoses (e.g. Festool, Fein). Includes a 6.5 foot (2m) adaptor hose with a 2 inch (57 millimetre) outside diameter nozzle.


Origin is Wi-Fi enabled for transfer of design files via ShaperHub, and for receiving software updates. The USB port allows easy offline transfer of design files.

Digital Cut Files

Works with standard vector files (.SVG) and includes on-tool design capabilities that are perfect for simple operations, such as cutting a 35 millimetre circle.

Touch Screen

Capacitive multi-touch full-colour LCD.


  • 120VAC, 60Hz. 7A
  • 720W brushed AC motor
  • 10,000 - 26,000 RPM with load-compensating speed control
  • Soft-start, over-temperature and over-load safety cut-offs
  • Produced by Festool to Shaper specifications
  • 43 millimetre (1.7 inch) Z-axis (vertical) travel, digitally adjustable depth of cut
  • 35 (handle-to-handle) x 19.7 x 29.9 centimetres (13.8 x 7.8 x 11.8 inches)
  • 6.6 kilograms (14.6 pounds)

Scope of delivery

  • Shaper Origin with Shaper SM-1 Spindle
  • 1/4 inch (6.35 millimetre) collet
  • Two rolls of ShaperTape (45.7m each)
  • Tool change accessories
  • USB flash drive
  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm) upcut spiral cutter
  • 1/8 inch (3.175mm) upcut spiral cutter
  • 60 degree engraving cutter
  • Universal dust collection adapter
  • Tanos SYS 5 T-Loc Systainer with custom organizational insert
  • 1-year warranty
  • Highly-responsive e-mail support

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