45780-K Solid Carbide V Groove Engraving 15 Deg x 3/16 Dia x 1/2 x 1/4 Inch Shank Spektra‰ۡóÁí£̴å¢ Extreme Tool Life Coated Router Bit

Amana ToolSKU: AM-45780-K



For fine-line "engraving"í«‰ۢÌÛ_ in wood and composite materials, use either of these compact bits. Two-flute configuration and modest length (which minimizes vibration) combine to produce crisp, clean cuts.

Our Spektra‰ۡóÁí£̴å¢ bits feature a nACoí«̴å nanocomposite coating with an extreme nanohardness and heat resistance. With a brilliant distinctively-tinted coloring nACo provides additional improvements in four critical aspects of router tooling.

  • nACo coating is a micro-thin ceramic coating which enables the tool's cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity. This provides longevity and produces cutting results of the highest quality.
  • Coating prevents high heat and oxidation which is detrimental to cutting tool performance.
  • Multi-colored hues, while attractive, will dissipate upon use and yet coating will remain fully effective.
  • nACo offers approximately 4,500 Vickers for impressive solid hardness on cutting areas of the tool, for an increase up to 2.5 times compared to uncoated bits.

Note:í«ÌÎ_Blue based color dissipates immediately upon use. nACoí«̴å nanocomposite coating will not wear off.

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