Mirka 3x5" Abranet Ace Mesh Grip Sheets 50x


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A versatile and durable mesh abrasive suitable for most sanding applications.

3 x 5 inch (76.2 x 127 millimetre) sheets are designed for use with Mirka's MR-35 and DEOS sanders, but can also be used with other rectangular sanders including Festool's RTS 400, RTSC 400, LS 130, and hand sanding blocks. Use with a Pad Saver for best sanding pad life.

Ceramic abrasive

Extremely hard and durable grit for aggressive stock removal. Excellent on hardwoods, solid surface materials, and primer. Suitable for use on hardwood, softwood, resinous wood, MDF, HDF, chipboard, mild steel, carbon steel, paint, lacquer, plaster, putty, plastic, body filler, primer, solid surface, and fibreglass.

80-400 grit

Choose from a wide range of grits, from 80 grit for rapid stock removal and shaping to 400 grit for fine surface finishing.

Universal mesh backing

The mesh design provides a truly universal hole pattern so it will work with any hook and loop system and does not require any alignment of holes - a real time saver.

Further, the mesh abrasive results in a dust-free sanding experience, faster sanding, and a better surface finish. The whole disc allows excellent dust extraction, resists clogging and loading, and can be cleaned if necessary.

Grip backing

Mirka's loop backing allows quick and easy installation or removal of the abrasive sheet, and can be reused over and over.


  • Ceramic/ceramic-coated abrasive
  • Light maroon colour
  • Nylon/polyamid/polyester net backing
  • Resin over resin backing
  • Closed coating

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